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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need the originals?

While original documents are preferred, we can work with photocopies, if they are of good quality. A Forensic Document Examiner would prefer always to examine original documents but that is rarely the case, we receive original documents. In this day and age of electronics it is a challenge to determine the origin of the documents received. In most cases the origin of the document is not in question but the authenticity of the signature scribed. Even when you have access to an original signature, if you were to copy and paste that signature into the document, there are details that will give the attempt to forgery away,

How many samples of signatures do you need?

You can generaly give an opinion with as little as 2 or 3 samples, but more samples and close to the date of the questioned signature, is always better.

Will your professional opinion be accepted in a court of law?

All forensic document examiners have to qualify each time in a court of law by the decision of the judge. Once the court accepts an expert’s qualifications, their opinions are admissible as evidence.

What is the difference between document examination and
handwriting analysis?

Handwriting analysis studies personality traits, where a document examiner uses scientific methods to evaluate handwriting for forensic purposes. They are two different fields.

What types of equipment do you use?

It depends on the case. Magnification is almost always used, whether with a computer program or a stereo microscope. We also use photography, and various lighting and measuring techniques and equipment.

What is a Forensic Document Examiner?

One who studies for a two-year period under the tutelage of a mentor, recognized as an expert in the field; the discipline of handwriting analysis and document examination with a scientific approach, then applying that science to law.

Is it up to the Document Examiner to Determine Forgery?

Deciding if a Signed Document has been Forged is the task of a Judge or Jury. Providing the evidence for that decision is the task of the Handwriting Expert or Forensic Document Examiner.

Is it Important to determine the author a forged signature?

Evidence that one signature on a Legal Document is a Forgery ,makes the whole document invalid.

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