Handwriting Expert



David Babb


April 16, 2016



How not to become a

Victim of Forgery

Things you can do to reduce risks.


The worst thing you can do is have a scribble for a signature, you might as well go back in time where they signing with an x. Make your signature is legible, the more letters you can recognize as letters, the harder it is for some one to duplicate those letters. Keep your signature as consistent as possible. Some one that tries to duplicate your signature are going to have more variations. You could have two signatures, one that the public sees and one for official documents.

It is good to video tape an important signing, it prevents doubts later.  If the other party does not want to be taped, then maybe you should not go through with the deal.

It is a good idea to see other signatures of the other party, to see if the document he just signed matches up, and that he is not trying to disguise for later denial. Make sure you get a original of the document, not a copy. If you have a particular pen you use make sure you use that pen for important documents.

Finally have the document notarized, at least in Canada the notary takes a copy of the id and is required to write in their book.

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